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type of bomber Nick Holyk was the navgator on .. Halifax.
by Nave312 on Sep 7, 2006

thats a flying fortress if im not mistaken

by NetAbuser on Sep 7, 2006

I have not seen one of them since... Well yesterday !!!!

by Streaker on Sep 7, 2006

It's a flying fortress alright, but it sure isn't a Flying Fortress....

by twister on Sep 7, 2006

no that my friends was a Handley Page Halifax bomber... Manufactured in Canada for the War effort in WW2 1939-1945
My uncle flew in Italy and was killed in 1943. his plane went down the pilots name was Hillman.. they wer shot down just outside genoa italy.. returning from a mission. RAF.. SOE 142 Nick Holyk was a Warrent Officer


by twister on Sep 8, 2006

Log Entry June 24 1944
June 24
The secret report on the fatal mission shows that the Halifax II aircraft JP237 took off at 20.11 hrs (i.e. 8.11pm) on "Operation Sound 1". Instead of a landing time, a note states "Nothing was heard from the aircraft after take off and it is presumed lost."

"13 aircraft were scheduled for ops but 3 had to be cancelled owing to technical trouble. Of the remaining 10, 6 were successful and one (F.O. Hillman) is missing. His target was a new one in N. Italy and nothing was heard from him after take off

by kal on Sep 8, 2006

That's a very early Halifax bomber, probably not built in Canada. The engines are inline and not the Hercules radials, and the nose is more like that of a Lanc than the single bubble on the later mark Halifax bombers.

by Alexander_Keith on Dec 12, 2006

My grandpa flew in a Halifax. He was the bombadier. The Lanc gets all the credit, but if I'm not mistaken, the Halifax was a better plane all around.

by RealFlash on Jul 7, 2009

This is an early Halifax B. Mark II from the early series of 1942. There were more Halifax than Lancaster bombers in the RCAF in WW II, and they were all made in the UK. This early model with the triangular fins was very dangerous because the rudders were overbalanced, causing them to jam hard over or even break off during evasive maneuvers. The inadequate fin also caused violent swings on take-off that could not be controlled. The cure was a larger rectangular fin that was eventually retrofitted to the surviving early models. With this fix the Halifax became an effective and well-liked bomber, but the Lancaster had better overall performance and was more versatile.

by canadaforlife12 on Jul 16, 2009

are you guys retarded?thats not a flying fortress

by Praxius on Jul 17, 2009

That's not a flying fortress....

^ That's a flying fortress, lol ;)

Nice shot of the Halifax B though.

by sabo on Nov 10, 2012

The discovery of the remains dell'Halifax you speak of ... http://www.valtaro.it/halifax-caduto-santa-maria/index.htm

by sabo on Nov 10, 2012

http://www.valtaro.it/halifax-caduto-sa ... /index.htm

by sabo on Nov 10, 2012

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