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This is why goalies wear neck protectors now. He got his neck sliced by a skate...
by WDHIII on Oct 25, 2005

I rmember watchin TSN that night..... they showed the replay ONCE then refused to show it again....

He never was the same after that was he..... cant say as I blame him tho.

Last thing I heard about him he was player/coach for the Las Vegas Gulls

by twister on Oct 25, 2005

it was becuase of that incident and Kim Couch.. that collars were invented and mad mandatory in minor hockey in canada... I got a 2 inch cut on my back about 8 years ago.. god that bled a lot too...

by Blue_Nose on Oct 25, 2005

A friend of mine got his hip adductor (inner thigh muscle) sliced once... was out for the season, and had to walk with a cane for months.

by Hester on Oct 25, 2005

I remember seeing this too, it's hard to believe how long ago it was. I did a search a few months ago - Malarchuk's story is quite amazing.

by PeoplesProtectorate on Dec 9, 2005

Holy smokes, I've never seen this before! Poor guy.

by luigi on Apr 6, 2006

welll form now on ill remember MY neck protecter when im in net 8|

by twister on Oct 31, 2007

uhmm ya the one thing that I am glad as a fan we didn't have HDTV when that happened...

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