Gunbunny NOT HAPPY

From: Gunbunny
Added: Nov 12 2005
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From the summer 0f 2005. Teaching a recruite course
by LABBATTS50 on Nov 16, 2005


by Karma on Nov 17, 2005


by dareya on Nov 17, 2005

W- Bty for the win!

by seaforth83 on Apr 8, 2006

I always knew artillery took the ugly ones ;-)

by IkeaMan on Apr 8, 2006

Go Gunners Go!

by RoyalHighlander on Apr 9, 2006

if looks could kill......

by PorscheBoxster2001 on Apr 10, 2006

Dude... will ya F'in SMILE for the camera!!!??? LMAO ;)

by -Mario- on Apr 10, 2006

When was last time you saw a drill instructor smile.....

by WDHIII on Apr 10, 2006

The day he took out a "Porsche" with a stray shell maybe?

by mandie on Dec 21, 2013

He is cute!:)

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