A pic of me last summer I just Scanned

From: Damien
Added: Dec 04 2005
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I'm the second from the right, i think...
by ShepherdsDog on Dec 4, 2005

nice red head band

by GhostDog3 on Dec 4, 2005

lol i tought he ment the one in costumes.

by Damien on Dec 5, 2005

But, I am in costume...

by Damien on Dec 5, 2005

Then let's say I'm the fourth guard from the left.
I had not noticed yet but I know the guy with the red bandana, he's in the army too, very good soldier but questionable taste when it comes to clothes...

by RoyalHighlander on Dec 23, 2005

royal 22nd I see or better known as a "Van Doos"

by Damien on Dec 27, 2005

Ho well I do not have this honor yet, I'm in the reserve but, one day... after university, my time will come.

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