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It aint exactly arctic like in the engineering spaces while in the Persian Gulf
by LABBATTS50 on Dec 30, 2005


by LABBATTS50 on Dec 30, 2005

Where is the EZ Glide jar?

by IkeaMan on Dec 30, 2005

Beats working in the ship's office!

by Ice_man on Dec 30, 2005

Hairy bags @ home...miss the good old days.

by ShepherdsDog on Dec 30, 2005

1 in 2 watch in that heat and noise, no thanks.

by RoyalHighlander on Dec 30, 2005

Was an oiler for 2 years myself...At least in Dec you were warm and

by rcnsailor on Dec 31, 2005

life as a hairy bag ...

by Hester on Dec 31, 2005

I haven't seen the engineering dept stand 1 in 2 since 96. For two months. Straight back to 1 in 3 without turning to.

by ShepherdsDog on Jan 1, 2006

1 in 4 was ideal. I think that's what the hull techs did when I was on the Yukon(2 squadron did this as well for all trades, lucky harbour patrol pricks). The stokers had a 1in 2 and the rest of us had a 1 in 3, unless you were an OD or an Officer Cadidiot. I loved ADRs though.

by Wullu on Jan 1, 2006

They got it easy now. Steaming 1 in 4 and not turning to. Course ya need a good Chief ERA to get that to stick.

by Nuggie77 on Feb 18, 2010

There is no 1 in 4 now, not enough people and too many taskings.

by Heavy_Metal on Feb 19, 2010

bunch-o-seamen XD

by stokes on Feb 23, 2010

Looks like the Aft Engine room by #2 LP Air compressor and #3 chiller, I miss being at sea especially now that I am in recruiting.

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