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[01-21] by Bibbi
Shutterspeed can certainly NOT be changed in post production. Neither can focus. Post sharpening is a small apparent change due to contrast or edge enhancement but it does not change the focus. Exposure adjusting can be done in post, but it often leads to picture noise/grain. Cropping can of course be done, but that reduces resolution. If your focal length is too close then cutting off a body part cannot be replaced in postprocessing either.
[01-11] by Heavy_Metal
true...yet most of that can be accomplished in post production, adobie light room is one hell of a program
[01-10] by Bibbi
The photographer still needs to be at the right location, perfectly judge the focal length and framing and get the exposure, shutterspeed and focus perfect as well. Not that easy.
[01-09] by Heavy_Metal
true great shot...but don't give the photographer too much credit... basic SLR's these days can shoot up to and over 20 frames per second. Easy to pick the perfect picture from a pile of 200.
[01-06] by Bibbi
Wow! Super timing by the photographer and a great shot!
[10-31] by twister
uhmm ya the one thing that I am glad as a fan we didn't have HDTV when that happened...