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Site Census & Statistics

Member Stats

Total Registered Members:39,253(since June 2000)
Current Active Members:4,129(logged in within the last year and made a post or comment)

participation: 2519 (6.42%)


Males:1599 (63.5%)
Females: 920 (36.5%)

participation: 1922 (4.9%)


0-162 (0.1%)
17-20 (0%)
20-25 11 (0.6%)
25-30 124 (6.5%)
30-40 314 (16.3%)
40-50 176 (9.2%)
50+ 180 (9.4%)

participation: 390 (0.99%)

Political Compass

Far Left21 (5.4%)35.6%
Left41 (10.5%)
Center Left77 (19.7%)

Center85 (21.8%)

Center Right80 (20.5%)39.2%
Right51 (51%)
Far Right22 (5.6%)

participation: 945 (2.41%)

Favorite Hockey Teams (top 30)

 Calgary Flames(172),  Toronto Maple Leafs(153),  Edmonton Oilers(118),  Ottawa Senators(115),  Vancouver Canucks(100),  Montreal Canadiens(84),  Boston Bruins(48),  Colorado Avalanche(15),  Detroit Red Wings(15),  Dallas Stars(14),  San Jose Sharks(13),  Anaheim Ducks(10),  Buffalo Sabres(9),  New York Rangers(9),  Pittsburgh Penguins(8),  Phoenix Coyotes(7),  Chicogo Blackhawks(5),  New Jersey Devils(5),  New York Islanders(5),  Los Angeles Kings(4),  Carolina Hurricans(4),  Florida Panthers(4),  Philidelphia Flyers(4),  Columbus Blue Jackets(4),  Atlanta Thrashers(4),  St. Louis Blues(4),  Tampa Bay Lightning(4),  Washington Capitals(3),  Minnisota Wild(2),  Nashville Predators(2),

participation: 6251 (15.92%)

Member Interests (top 40)

 hockey(563),  music(543),  sports(350),  reading(211),  politics(203),  computers(188),  movies(158),  canada(121),  photography(121),  beer(118),  writing(111),  history(107),  (99),  women(96),  travel(92),  cars(82),  snowboarding(82),  fishing(80),  soccer(78),  camping(77),  art(72),  golf(70),  football(68),  girls(68),  video games(62),  outdoors(56),  everything(55),  cooking(55),  stuff(54),  hiking(54),  sport(53),  internet(53),  travelling(51),  skiing(50),  sex(49),  books(49),  hunting(39),  business(39),  baseball(38),  swimming(38),

participation: 7770 (19.79%)

Member Occupations (top 30)

student (1402)
retired (195)
military (123)
teacher (92)
engineer (83)
sales (78)
business (75)
manager (67)
writer (49)
it (44)
none (35)
marketing (32)
consultant (31)
webmaster (31)
self employed (30)
doctor (27)
carpenter (27)
photographer (26)
school (24)
cook (24)
businessman (24)
graphic designer (23)
electrician (22)
artist (22)
musician (21)
web developer (21)
university student (21)
truck driver (21)
firefighter (20)
tech support (19)

participation: 1008 (2.57%)

Country Flags (top 10)

Canada (727)
United States (138)
United Kingdom (24)
India (18)
Australia (5)
Russia (5)
Germany (4)
Indonesia (4)
Netherlands (4)
Philippines (4)

participation: 2580

Canadian Regions (based on forum timezone settings)

this currently is very inaccurate, because the signup default timezone has been -8 & -7. So if someone does not change it from the default, they will be considered from BC or Alberta. I tried to lessen this by only including members who have made at least one forum post, thinking these members are more likely to have set there timezone.
British Columbia:1231 (47.7)
Alberta:1812 (70.2)
Sask & Manitoba:129 (5)
Ontario & Quebec:484 (18.8)
Maritimes:152 (5.9)
NewFoundLand:136 (5.3)



much more forum stats can be seen here

Forum Stats

Forum Totals

Total Topics:0
Total Posts:2,013,832 (since Feb 2002)
Growth Rate:21,000+ posts per month
Total Attachments:0
Total Forum Polls:91758
Total Medals Awarded:377
Most Awarded Medals:CKA Contributor(42) Soldier(37) Uber Canuck(37) Veteran(25) Hilarious(24) Hockey Fan(20)

based on a ratio of posts & topics totals

Popular Forums (top 10)

1) Current Events37,383589,041
2) General Jibber Jabber6,194158,903
3) Editorial Discussions8,56185,205
4) Canadian Politics3,526116,893
5) International Politics3,85679,707
6) Random Insanity2,89780,948
7) Topic Graveyard4,72022,484
8) US Politics1,70551,230
9) Forum Games221193,386
10) Introductions1,77020,233

Misc Forum Profile Data (total users that have options selected)

Recent Topics List Disabled: 1
Recent Topics Tracking Disabled: 9
Lite Forum Enabled: 0
Profile Photos: 507
Users with Websites: 7,035
Custom Profile Graphic: 34
Users in Groups: 39,737



Blog Stats

Blog Totals

Total Blogs:400
Total Blog Entries:2,578
Total Blog Comments:4,330
Top Poster: bootlegga (406)
Top Commenter: Mr_Canada old (386)

Top 10 Blogs

blog nameusernameblogs
1) Bootlegga's Movie and TV Infobootlegga406
2) gangstalking284
3) Nanza's Musingsnanza219
4) North of 49Arctic_Menace208
5) Hello Darkness! The Official Dayseed184
6) Wolf Withinwolfwithin90
7) 1andonly's blog1andonly79
8) Istanbul's blogIstanbul47
9) lily43
10) Canucker's SinBincanucker41

Top Blog Subject Words (30)

 weekend(97),  office(90),  review(46),  movie(36),  trailer(32),  moved(30),  another(29),  canada(25),  canadian(25),  christmas(23),  stalking(22),  first(22),  bloggers(21),  keith's(19),  about(19),  happy(18),  comment(17),  don't(16),  update(16),  corner(16),  poster(14),  online(14),  &(13),  figures(13),  world(12),  numbers(12),  little(12),  things(12),  people(11),  where(11),



News Link Stats

Total News Links: 108,281
Total News Hits: 61,693,871
News Comments: 491,260
News Votes: 33,089 (vote log)

Complete news stats here

Top News Title Words (30)

 canada(4675),  after(4431),  canadian(4165),  police(2525),  found(1489),  woman(1456),  alberta(1373),  toronto(1368),  canada's(1303),  vancouver(1287),  first(1277),  could(1274),  killed(1264),  afghanistan(1223),  years(1203),  death(1184),  canadians(1159),  ottawa(1110),  afghan(1106),  canucks(1088),  world(1086),  report(1080),  court(1075),  military(1063),  harper(1050),  national(1044),  ontario(1037),  against(1007),  charged(984),  attack(975),



Gallery Stats

Gallery Totals

Total Galleries:96
Total Pictures:4,835
Picture Hits:25,958,856
Total Comments:15,077
Top Uploaders:Canadaka(984) Hester(520) NetAbuser(221) RoyalHighlander(220) Snorkmaiden(192)
Top Commentors:twister(505) -Mario-(418) ShepherdsDog(303) Arctic_Menace(223) PENATRATOR(221)



Content Stats

Content Totals

Content Articles:117
Content Hits:3,028,107
Review Hits:613,959
Review Comments:154
Famous Canadians:258
Famous Canadian Hits:2,541,658
Famous Quotes:233
Joke Hits:2,805,806
Joke Comments:861


CanuckTube Videos:
CanuckTube Video Hits:2,801,327
Canadian Maps:139
Map Hits:546,448
Canadian Webcams:39
Webcam Hits:19,666
Download Hits:133,845
Guestbook Entries:607
Never Ending Story Entries:181
Web Links:264
Web Link Hits:368,492



Member Details Membership:
New Today: 1
New Yesterday: 1
Total Members: 39,253
Latest User: EcgfrithH

Online Members Online Stats:
Guest(s): 84
Member(s): 3
Most Ever Online: 2271


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