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New World Disorder: Patterns Of Psychopathy And Other Fractal Anomalies

If we are to survive the current changes being wrought upon our world, we must first identify and understand those systems of control set to manipulate us, only then can we realize our own potential in charting a course that is truly and freely our own.

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[Opinion] Our Viewpoints Of The World Around Us
Contributed by QBC on Wednesday, September 05 at 01:11 (3,265 reads)
I start this for only one reason, confusion. A confusion that I believe all people around the world should feel and indeed see. A confusion of our times and events within our time.
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[Opinion] Are We Loosing More Than We�Re Gaining?
Contributed by QBC on Saturday, August 18 at 21:15 (4,082 reads)
Are we loosing more than were gaining?
Are we loosing more than we’re gaining in this modern world?
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