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A vignette is a 60-second television ad that showcases a public servant in the workplace and promotes Government of Canada services and programs.

Canadian vignettes: The Log Drivers Waltz

This lighthearted, animated short is based on the song "The Log Driver's Waltz" by Wade Hemsworth. Easily one of the most often-requested films in the NFB collection, Kat

added: Fri Dec 2011 | Length 00:00 | Views: 1029 | Comments: 0

Men Of The Deeps,Coal Mines Of Cape Breton

Cape Breton Miner,New Waterford,Nova Scotia

added: Thu Mar 2008 | Length 00:00 | Views: 2269 | Comments: 0

Squeeze Baby - Featuring Ontario PC MPP Rick Nicholls

SQUEEZE BABY music video featuring Chatham-Kent-Essex PC MPP Rick Nicholls... Ontario Conservative MPP for Chatham-Kent-Essex Rick Nicholls calling women "Squeeze" and

added: Fri May 2012 | Length 00:00 | Views: 1236 | Comments: 0


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