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Largest Dodgeball Game

Type:world record
guinness record
Date:5 2, 2010
Record Holder:University of Alberta
Tags:University, Alberta, Dodgeball, 2010, Largest, Biggest, Game

The World Record for the Largest Dodgeball game was shattered (currently unofficially) at the University of Alberta on February 5th, 2010. In an attempt to take the record from San Diego State, the Student Union orchestrated a match (planning beginning the summer previous) which almost tripled the amount of people of the previous record, with 1,200 students taking on each other in teams of 600, one side wearing gold and the other wearing green, the official school colours.

This destroyed the previous record of 450 people. This is less than even the amount of balls used in the University of Alberta game, totaling 600.

The game of Dodgeball is a popular past time at the University of Alberta, with a high participation rate amongst students, especially those staying at the Lister Center where a dodgeball league comes back with great fanfare every year. Hence, it's not a surprise that out of all the Canadian Universities out there, University of Alberta was the one willing to give this a shot.

To see some footage of this record breaking moment, you can check out some video from various sources:

1) University of Alberta:
2) Edmonton Journal:

Said Brennan Murphy, who runs the Lister Dodgeball League, "That was the most incredible dodgeball game I've ever seen." While not officially recognized yet, the record has been sent to the Guiness Book of World Records and looks likely to take top spot within a few months.

From the roaring 1,200 students could only be one winner, and the Gold walked away victorious!


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