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Longest Living Hydrocephalic

Type:guinness record
Date:24 2, 2003
Record Holder:Theresa Alvina Schaan
Province:British Columbia
Tags:Theresa, Alvina, Schaan, Congenital, Hydrocephalus, water, on, the, brain, 62, years, Victoria, BC, British, Columbia

Theresa Alvina Schaan, originally of the US, lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Unfortunately for her, she is diagnosed with congenital hydrocephalus, a condition which afflicts people with additional fluid around the brain. This condition generally includes swelling of the head, mental disability, convulsion, and even death, amongst many other symptoms.

Hydrocephalus is more commonly known by some as "water on the brain."

At the time of this record, Theresa Alvina Schaan had lived with congential hydrocephalus for almost 62 years, having been born on March 17, 1941. To keep from dying, a shunt had been placed in her head to drain the excess fluid.


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