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Canadian World Records

namecategoryyear person views
100m world record world recordOlympic2001Donovan Bailey6110
Elvis impersonator sets world record world recordGuinness recordWeird & Strange2008Suresh Joachim 3668
Largest Dodgeball Game world recordGuinness recordSports2010University of Alberta4092
Longest Coastline in the world world recordNatural World07880
Longest national highway in the world world recordGuinness recordBuildings & Structures19627061
Longest Street in the World world recordBuildings & Structures09905
Most combine harvesters working simultaneously on a single field world recordCanadian recordGuinness recordNatural World20107970
Most gold medals won at a single Winter Olympics world recordworld firstCanadian recordCanadian firstOlympic20104230
North America's Largest Shopping Mall:West Edmonton Mall world recordBuildings & Structures1959Ghermezian Brothers7117
The World's Largest Beaver Dam world recordNatural World2010Jean Thie5071
The world's largest man made non nuclear wartime explosion world recordNatural World191711734
The world's largest non-nuclear peacetime explosion world recordNatural World195813009
Thriller Chiller world recordGuinness recordWeird & Strange20073405
World Record for Shortest Time Biking Across Canada world recordCanadian recordSports2009Cornel Dobrin11678
World's Largest Maple Leaf world recordGuinness recordNatural World2010Joseph Donato9810
World's largest tin soldier world recordGuinness recordBuildings & Structures20009902
World's Longest Freshwater Beach world recordCanadian recordNatural World07869