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No To Taliban Atrocities On Minorities -Roger Nair

Posted on Friday, June 12 at 18:00 by sehgalviveka

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  On the heels of a conference by SAHRA on Sunday May 17th, Tim Uppal, Member of Parliament took off to Pakistan to see the situation in Pakistan refugee camps first hand and now a delegation is on its way to Pakistan to see first hand human rights violations by Taliban.

Tim Uppal was the first non-Pakistan politician to visit the victims of the Taliban in Pakistan earlier this week. Tim Uppal was in Pakistan for 2 days to visit the camps where the internally displaced people are living. He visited camps in Mardan, Swabi, and Gurdwara Panja Sahib in Hasan Abdal. Tim Uppal said "The government of Pakistan has rightfully taken military action against the Taliban who had been harassing and persecuting religious minorities such as Sikhs, Christians, and Hindus. Canadians are very concerned for these people who have been forced out of their homes. It was important for me to get a first hand look at their living conditions. The international community will need to support Pakistan in this effort against the Taliban by helping the millions of internally displaced people"

"We are left with nothing here , we don't even have tents at the temples the minorities are staying at" said Haresh Chopra, Pakistani MP of SWAT region on the refugees taking refuge in various religious temples in Hassan Abdal and Peshawar.Haresh Chopra is the only Sikh MP in the region of SWAT, where the fighting amongst the Taliban and Pakistan military has intensified.

Speaking to this reporter today via phone, " We at SAHRA condemn the atrocities committed on minorities by the taliban.There are definite Human right violations by the Taliban on the people in Pakistan and the world community should come together to help the affected citizens and address the Human right violations by Taliban"said Toronto based film maker and SAHRA chair Roger Nair Esq..

SAHRA is a Human Rights Organization that helps spread the knowledge of Human rights.There are 30 human rights under the UN charter but the awareness is generally not there.
SAHRA is dedicated to helping individuals and or group of individuals whose human rights have been violated.

An Adopt a tent program is under way by SAHRA for facilitating IDP refugees .

Donations can be made at: TD Bank

IDP Relief Fund

Transit number = 1176
Account number = 500-3534
SAHRA's website is 


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