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Canada Day Celebrations
Date: Saturday, June 29 2002
Topic: International News

Looking for ways to spend your Canada day? Well if you live in BC Check out's list here.
Not from BC? no worries! check out's full listing of celebrations accross the nation here.
Here you can check out the nations biggest Canada Day Party at Parliament Hill in Ottawa by viewing the Hill Cam.

If you prefer to stay at home there is a diversity of Canada Day programming on TV
such as Discovery Channels All-Canadian Critters week, features specials on the beaver to the grizzly.

History Channel has a special called A Celebration of Canada featuring shows on The Chronology of a Nation, Canadian Firsts, and a marathon of the show The Canadians
you can also check out's Canadaday quiz here.

Much More Music is also has some Canada Day specials! 3 MMMProfiles on the Bare Naked Ladies, The Tragically Hip and Rush. Check it out here.

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