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Date: Wednesday, September 05 2007
Topic: Opinion

I start this for only one reason, confusion. A confusion that I believe all people around the world should feel and indeed see. A confusion of our times and events within our time.

Just one persons view.......

I start this for only one reason, confusion. A confusion that I believe all people around the world should feel and indeed see. A confusion of our times and events within our time.

This forum is a microcosm, a cross section of the world around us. We have people here from the very far left, the centre, the far right and every shade in between. All believing that their individual view of the world must be correct, why?, because it's their view of course. We cling to our views with steadfast determination and nothing and no one can ever show us any different because that would mean that maybe..... we're wrong. God forbid that we could see that the "other side", the enemy, our hated enemy, could possibly have a view that contradicts our own and even worse, be correct? That being said, we should take this little cross section we have here and expand it to all the world. Through out this little rambling I will use the war on terror as the example, why? because it is the most visible event and breaks up the cross section of our world like few other events, that's why. Do not fixate on the event itself or the examples I give, but on how it molds the view points of all of us. This is what I'm writing this for, not to debate the war on terror.

There are those who see the worlds events unfold as a huge conspiracy. A plan so detailed and so perfectly orchestrated by a hugely powerful hidden and very secret entity with one goal that they will stop at nothing to see succeed. The goal, total control of everything and everyone. To manufacture the world into an ant colony if you will. " The war on terror is nothing more than the government's way to take away our personal freedoms and destroy the democracy that our forefathers fought and died to create and uphold". This indeed could be true. Just a small piece in the intricate puzzle that is "their" plan. Ah yes, the plan, to control all, to manipulate us into being nothing more than slaves to feed their lust for power and wealth. Many refer to those who hold to this idea as "The tin foil hat club". They include other events that have transpired over the last half century into this view they have. I will use mainly examples from the USA mainly because they have been the most widely publicized and most people with this view consider the USA to be the epicenter of the plan. Both Kennedy's, Martin Luther King, the Twin Towers, Bin Laden, bombing in Spain, Ton-kin, even the Moon landings have been viewed as a political trick during the cold war. That our troops fighting overseas are fighting for nothing more than the corporate influenced government agenda to gain wealth and power. If you actually take the time to look at the world from this view, and indeed you should look at all views with unbiased eyes, you can actually see through all the smoke and mirrors the possibility of truth.

Some people get lumped into the tin foil hat club by those with strong views to the contrary, but I think they are a separate entity onto themselves. "The terrorists have won, why? because they have succeeded in taking away the very freedoms and the democracy we hold so dear". Again, a vain of truth to this. Indeed when you look at North America before and after 9-11 there has been an attack on our personal freedoms from within. The USA has started up an entire new government agency to fight this war on terror and given it a small town type of name so the public won't see it as another police force, "Homeland Security" . If you're considered a possible terrorist you can be held without trial or council at GITMO for as long as they see fit. We as Canadians will no longer be able to visit our friends to the south, or they visit us, without a passport. That is something we as friends have cherished and held up the world as a shinning example of nations living together in peace, no longer. The people that hold to this view point reject these ideas and measures and think that we should not allow the governments of the world to turn our respective nations into armed defensive camps. That we are giving into the terrorists by taking away these simple freedoms and playing right into their hands. So, with these examples, and many others that have happened since 9-11, can you not see the possibility of truth here?

The next view is one that believes that our leaders in the world are doing what's right for us and we should be doing everything in our power to support them. "The war on terror is a just and righteous cause that we need to support no matter what the cost". Again, a ray of truth to this. On the flip side, this view is clearly held also by the terrorists who consider this a war and will indeed do what ever they're leaders deem necessary to win for their side. Some with this view point are driven by their political ideology, while some by their religious views. This again can be said of both sides. They look at those who think this is a government conspiracy as,"The Tin Hat Club". They look at those that consider the war lost because of their willingness to give up a few measly personal freedoms as traitors. They look at the last group, that I have not yet discussed, with disgust and almost to the point of hatred. They consider the ends justify the means and that we can win this war as long as we support the government in what it's trying to do for us. They believe that our troops fighting in far away lands are indeed fighting to preserve our freedoms, way of life and to bring these freedoms and the democracy we hold so dear to others that have lived under the boot of either religious or political tyranny. After looking at this view, those of you that don't agree, can you not see the possibility of truth here?

The next view that comes forth is one of pure apathy. Those who continue with their lives when all that is going on around them is nothing more than background noise. They consider the world as a pretty good place, with a few problems that "I" can do nothing about. So I will continue as I have and adapt to the changes around me. Adapt but only to a point mind you, do not ask me to make big changes that could possibly upset the delicate balance that is my life. If you do I will be forced to start a petition. This group is looked at with both disgust and anger by the groups that hold to their convictions with an iron grip. Why, because every group that I have viewed to this point can't believe that this one doesn't really hold to any view. All of them blame these people for the problems of the world. That if they only got off their asses and supported "us", the problem would be solved. I wonder, would it? Is this the view that makes the most sense? Is the fact that they do nothing for any side, no matter what the issue, is keep the world in balance? Is there not a degree of truth here to?

As I stated at the beginning, I'm writing this because of my confusion, not to start a debate on the finer points of this rambling. A confusion I hope more people will adopt as I think it's important for our future to be more open to looking at the other side of the coin. A confusion that wonders if there is a truth to any one of the viewpoints, or all of them, or indeed none of them. Could it be that the truth is in the many shades of grey in between, or is truth just far off fantasy that we are all trying gain a grasp of?

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