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Toronto Concert sets World Record at 30 Hours as the longest show on Earth
Date: Friday, October 23 2009
Topic: Entertainment

 Rogers Center was  home to the longest running Indoor festivities in the world for 30 hours starting October 9th at 6:30 PM to the Grand finale on Oct.11th at 12:30 AM.

 "Continuous party and fun" was the theme for Mahautsav, an unprecedented 30 hour concert and film premiere. The sponsors of the event had come together to give free admission to everyone entering the Rogers Centre when it opens its doors from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM today Oct. 9th, 2009.

"Quick Gun Murugun", the film distributed by 
Roger Nair
 Productions had another first - a North American premiere at 6:00 PM on the big screen at the Rogers Centre. The hilarious Bollywood comedy is a spoof of Hollywood.

Mahautsav, the biggest and longest South Asian event in the history of Canada, went on for 30 hours consecutively and featured 172 performers.

In the recent past, performers and talent from Bollywood have been criticized for charging unreasonable prices for tickets. However, thanks to community support and sponsors, tickets for this festival started at $5 for single entry and $25.00 for festival passes entitling multiple admission and better seats. 

The party after the premiere continued with singers such as Stereo Nation, Kavita Podwal, Mahalakshmi Iyer and Anuradha Podwal, comedy acts with Rajiv Nigam, yoga, and musicals & dramas such as Ramayana the musical, and "Heartthrobs", a Bollywood musical dance drama featuring A-list Bollywood and TV artists from 
India like Kashmira Shah,
 and Tina Kwajarwala, Aashka Goaradia,  Krushna, Amit Sarin, Shakti Anand, Eijaz Khan and Rakhsanda Khan who hosted the high energy heartthrobs Show.


When the clock struck 12:30 AM on Oct 12th 2009, standing at the stage with volunteers and performers in front of thousands of cheering spectators, announced 
Roger Nair
 with friend and co-organizer Harpreet Sethi standing by his side "The world record is set at 30 hours for the longest show on earth in an indoor venue." As the crowd cheers brought the house down at the Rogers Centre in TorontoCanada. The show started at 6:30 PM on Oct. 9th at the Rogers Centre, the largest covered venue in the world and ended at 12:30 AM with Canadian company 
Roger Nair
 Productions presenting "Heartthrobs" with 12 Bollywood and TV stars premiering at the Grand Finale.

"Toronto is proud to Host Mahautsav" said 
Mayor David Miller
 about the record setting show. Numerous MP's from across party lines along with dignitaries and diplomats from many countries also attended the festival.

Pierre Poilievre, The parliamentary Secretary to Prime Minister  applauded the attempt by the Organizers Roger Nair Productions and Harpreet Sethi's Radisson Plaza Hotel.

"Stereo Nation rocked the Dome and performed in front of 20,000 people which increased to over 30,000 by the time "Heartthrobs" came to stage a few hours later. The religious, devotional, and health segments pulled their own respective crowd in thousands " said Harpreet Sethi whose Radisson Plaza Hotel and Grand Victorian Hotel in Mississauga Co-presented the event.

 "We have accomplished what we set out to do. We wanted to create awareness for Diwali in North America and the Western world, a festival both dear to Hindus and Sikhs. By setting the bar at a 30 hour nonstop show at the biggest venue in the world, we have certainly brought attention to this very special Festival which is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and festivities as Christmas in many nations." said Mr. Nair after the event.


Diwali the Festival of lights is celebrated in India and many other Caribbean and South Pacific countries and is a national holiday in numerous countries besides India.




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