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Joint Task Force Two, Canada’s “world-class” Special Operations Force responsible for counter-terrorism operations at home and abroad.

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(Text graphics appear on screen, followed by unit logo and motto.)

It is a battle-seasoned, formidably capable unit. Its strength comes from its members who are formed through rigorous selection and intensive training into a highly motivated, resourceful and cohesive force.

Although operating in small numbers while deployed, JTF Two can be disproportionately effective. They operate at higher levels than conventional forces, in hostile environments where the margin for error is significantly reduced.

When the modern enemy is forced to make a stand, and congregate in numbers, as Taliban and Al Quida terrorists did in Afghanistan, they can fight with fanatical intensity. These are the types of forces that JTF Two can engage.

At the same time, our domestic security is heightened by its presence… in protection… rescue… and counter-terrorism operations against the enemy within…

JTF Two has a noble heritage. The unit can trace its action-oriented tradition – reflected in its motto “Deeds, not words” -- over half a century. The First Special Service Force -- known popularly as the “Devil’s Brigade” -- was formed in nineteen forty-two as an elite commando unit designed for especially hazardous missions. This joint, sixteen-hundred-man strong unit, made up equally of Canadians and Americans, was heavily involved in action against crack German forces during the liberation of Italy, and spearheaded the final assault on Rome itself.JTF2 carries that special operations tradition forward into the 21st century.

Any member of the Canadian Forces can apply for selection to JTF Two. Because of the unit’s extremely high standards, however, only the best progress to the seven-month Special Operations Assault Course where they are steeped in the intricacies of counter-terrorism techniques.

Initially, all candidates undergo a battery of scientifically validated tests designed to assess their suitability.

Physical strength and endurance are important. But equally important are professional skills and personal traits such as integrity, maturity, confidence, mental toughness, a team-oriented attitude and an enormous sense of self- discipline. At the same time, they have to understand their own limitations. Mission falure for JTF2 is not an option. Missions undertaken at this level have national repercussions.

As you might expect, training standards are set high. They cannot be bent, relaxed or negotiated in any way. If an individual fails to meet and maintain them, training ceases immediately and the student leaves the facility. On this there can be no compromise. But for those who do succeed to these special ranks, by far the majority would say it is the most rewarding job of their lives.

In training and on operations, JTF Two Assaulters may have to endure great hardship, both physical and mental, possibly in very remote locations and in extreme conditions -- and still achieve their objectives. These can include missions in areas denied to conventional forces, where they might work in small teams, perhaps very much isolated from their supporting units and for extended periods of time.

 It is a highly specialized unit – a scalpel, not a hammer.

 Elements of the Force could be inserted to conduct precision offensive action, gather intelligence, evacuate non-combatants, or rescue hostages. These missions are high value in nature, to commit JTF2troops.

 To succeed in these conditions, Assaulters must have complete faith in themselves and their abilities, and those of their comrades. This is when their disciplined training pays off, helping them to focus on the task at hand, and complete the mission.

 Operational security is paramount. At both the individual and unit levels, JTF Two’s capabilities could be seriously compromised by the release or disclosure of certain information – clues about members’ identities could endanger both them and their families. Small lapses can accumulate. Little by little, a bigger picture can emerge and provide information that is useful to an enemy. That’s when breaches, no matter how small, can have real-life implications for the security of the force.

 That’s why unit security is taken so seriously.

 Canada’s force is relatively unique and requires an especially sensitive approach to unit security. The combined special forces of the United States, for example, totals more than forty-three thousand members in several units. Canada’s special forces are limited to those in JTF 2. The consequences of a single breach of security are relatively more serious – and potentially more lethal.

 The Canadian Forces must balance the public’s right to know about what is being done to protect them and their interests, and simultaneously protect the operational integrity of the unit, as there is no larger special forces community where the anonymity of compromised members could be re-established.

In supporting the objectives set for them by the government, the Canadian Forces can expect to engage in more special operations in the years ahead.

 JTF Two is a “world-class” special operations force formed from a determined group of extremely capable members of the Canadian Forces. There are none better. In this “modern” world full of contemporary dangers to peace and security, they are modern warriors, trained and equipped to deal with modern threats. They are prepared to face many perils and challenges. In the broadest sense, they help protect our way of life and keep Canadians safe. That is their job. It is what they are for and what they do.

Published on: 2006-09-25 (15311 reads)

submitted by: Canadaka

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