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Canadian Identity, a state of mind, a state of living

What makes us truly Canadian

Canadian Identity, a state of mind, a state of living.  

 Over time, many of us have heard the talk that Canada identifies itself through the eyes of Americans.  In other words, �What makes us truly Canadian is that we are not American.�  I find it hard to accept being reduced this way as a Canadian, I mean, it sounds as if we are considered of little worth because we aren�t American.  Canada minus American influence means half-hearted Canadians.  We are just those guys up there living next door to the big wigs.

 Do we ever need to be identified as Canadian with the word American in the same sentence?  Is this what makes us truly Canadian?  I don�t think so.  I really don�t want to put my Canadian heritage in the same sentence as American influence.  Let it stand on its own �two feet."  We�ve made it this far; we can go a lot longer.

 True, our neighbours influence us in many ways, for instance, television.  Most of what we watch on television comes from the states.  A lot of what we watch on the news involves the US � the war in Irak, trade, and famous legal cases to name a few.  As far as television is concerned, and the media in general, I don�t see that I have much of a choice as far as the American influence is concerned. 

 What makes me a proud Canadian may differ from the next person; in my case, I was raised with two languages under my belt, French and English.  Some people are born with one language, either French or English.  In my view we are considered equal no matter what language we use.  Language alone isn�t what makes me a proud Canadian.

 Canadian Identity is a condition of mind.  When I get up in the morning, I don�t say to myself, now what are the Americans up to today and therefore be influenced in my actions.  America does not shape the mentality and actions of Canadians.  American influences don�t shape me.  Personally, my Canadian Identity is a state of living, that is, going about my daily business without any thought or concern about what my neighbours are up to today. 

 It isn�t always about what our Canadian politicians are doing either.  Yes, politicians can make decisions that will directly affect me possibly for years to come, case in point, implementing the GST, same-sex marriage, and free trade.  The list could go on forever. 

 I am talking about me the person, a proud Canadian -- we the people � proud Canadians -- who we are as a country � a proud Canada. 

 My own identity is centred around the place I came from, who my parents were, where I grew up, how I was raised, where I am today and where I am going.  When my parents decided to have me, or my siblings, they didn�t say, we better hold off on having kids because there is too much American influence. They lived their lives as Canadians with the hopes and dreams of all Canadians.  I will even go as far as saying that they embraced the Canadian Dream, living in this our free country, with the maple leaf flag, the Great Canadian Lakes, ten provinces all joined together in a hope of a greater future as Canadians.

 Yes, Canada for me is a state of mind and a state of living, a place I call home, a place where I am proud to have raised my kids, a place where they will continue to raise their own.  I�d say it is even more than this � it is the place of birth, a homeland, and my home.



Blessed are the Peacemakers

 By Suzanne Berton � 10-Aug-06

 There�s a lot to be said for people who stand up for peace during times of war.  We must give credit to such people even if their struggles fall on warmongers� deaf ears.  Blessed are the Peacemakers � Blessed are our Canadian Peacekeepers.

 Still, I feel we must thank the soldiers who go out to fight wars also; I�m sure none of them wanted to see the day they�d do combat.  If you pause for a minute, people who stand for war want war, often bullying citizens to gain control for their own sick reasons.  Hoping for peace is a great thing, but with some people attaining peace is a dead end road.  These destructive forces will continue to hurt innocents despite our chants of �Give Peace a Chance.�

 As a Canadian woman, I want to know that our men are standing up for peace through peacekeeping missions, but I expect our troops to defend us against the bullies of war.   While it hurts to hear soldiers have died for Canada, I know they�ve not died in vain.  They stood by their country fighting in the name of peace to all.  

Blessed are our Canadian troops.



Suzanne Berton

Published on: 2006-10-11 (18010 reads)

submitted by: Subsandwich

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