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  • La Belle Province [2] is one of the most popular fast-food restaurant in Qu�bec, especially among teenagers and young adults. They serve cheap hot-dogs, hamburgers, poutine etc...
  • Tim Hortons [3] franchises are spread across the country, and can be hard to avoid - an important, if somewhat humble, part of the Canadian culinary landscape. Why not? Especially since they will serve you a small and relatively healthy lunch for about $8. They are certainly a reasonable, healthier, alternative to most other fast food chains. Be aware though, most of their food is frozen, although the chili is very good.
  • Boston Pizza [4] was founded in Edmonton, Alberta. Pizza and Pasta. Casual family dining. BP's lounges are usually a popular local watering hole.
  • Earls [5] is a chain of casual full service restaurants found only in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba (although there are also two locations in the western United States). Like Boston Pizza, it also opened its first restaurant in Edmonton.
  • Harvey's [6] is a fast food chain, common in Ontario and found in almost every province, that features made-to-order hamburgers and other sandwiches.
  • East Side Marios [7] are American Italian restaurants with a New York theme.
  • Swiss Chalet [8] sit down restaurants are operated by the same company that runs Harvey's. They specialize in rotisserie chicken and ribs.
  • The Keg [9] steak houses, usually with tables and booths for 4-6 people. Apart from the steaks they also have good salads and starters.
  • Kelsey's [10] provides casual family dining, very similar to Applebees or T.G.I. Friday's in the United States.
  • Second cup[11] serves coffee and cakes.
  • White Spot [12] offers burgers, pasta, and "west coast style" cuisine, but only in British Columbia and some locations in Alberta.
  • Montana's [13] is a family first, outdoor wilderness themed restaurant. Montana's promises hearty portions of home-style cooking and friendly, efficient service in a lodge setting.
  • Lone Star Texas Grill [14] is a family friendly restaurant which is very popular with both locals and tourists. The Lone Star offers a Canadian take on Tex-Mex food and has locations in Toronto, Ottawa, Etobicoke, Kingston, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Sault St. Marie, Halifax, and Moncton. Lone Star is famous for fajitas served on a sizzlin' skillet and makes fresh homemade tortillas throughout the day. The menu also offers other Tex-Mex classics and American favourites.
  • Mary Brown's[15] can be found in Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Nunavut in addition to Newfoundland, where they can be found in nearly every community. Offering unique chicken and famous for its taters, it would be considered a fast-food restaurant.
  • Humpty's [16] specializes in its all day breakfasts but also serves dishes for lunch and dinner as well, and is one of the few chain restaurants to feature perogies. Mostly in Alberta, but also some locations in the other 3 western provinces; many are open until after midnight, some 24 hours.
  • St-Hubert [17] is a French-Canadian restaurant with a cuisine similar to that of Swiss Chalet, popular for its roasted chicken and coleslaw. It has several locations throughout Quebec, and a small number of locations in Ontario and New Brunswick.

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