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Words and phrases that are unique to Canada

anglophone person who's first language is English
backbacon Canadian Bacon
beaver tail- Deep fried pastry resembling a beaver's tail
two-four a case containing 24 bottles of beer
toque a knitted hat worn in the wintertime
toonie two dollar denomination
timbits doughnut holes from Tim Hortons, a coffee shop that is worshipped by Canadians
skidoo snowmobile
serviette napkin
seperate schools catholic schools
Screech type of rum found in NFLD
PST Provincial Sales Tax
poutine dish consisting of french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds
Postal Code canadian equivalent of a zip code
pogey Unemployment benefits, term used mostly in the maritimes
Ogopogo a Loch Ness Nellie type of creature said to live in Lake Okanagan BC
mountie a member of the RCMP
Molson muscle the potbelly one gets from drinking too much beer
mickey 13oz bottle of liquor
maritimes eastern provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
loonie one dollar denomination
icing sugar powered sugar
hoser simple unsophisticated person
homo milk homogenized milk
GST Goods and Services Tax
Grit member of the Liberal party
ghost car an unmarked police cruiser
fracophone person who's first language is french
elastic rubber band
Eh? commonly used phrase said at the end of sentences
eavestrough rain gutters
chesterfield couch
Canuck affectionate nickname for a Canadian
brown bread whole wheat bread


Published on: 2004-08-05 (20276 reads)

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