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Fawnia Mondey Interview

Fawnia Mondey

It has been said that when applying for a new job, you have less than 20 seconds to get their attention. If someone were to look at Fawnia Mondey's resume, not only would their attention be piqued, they would be overwhelmed by her time management skills. Over the last couple of years, Fawnia has worn more hats than the Mad Hatter has. Actress, dance instructor, model, athlete, musician and writer are but a few of the positions that you would find on that resume. Claiming English, Scottish, and German blood; this resident of Vancouver has been keeping active since the tender age of 9. In her early teens, she started weight training, and became a regular in the gym by 19. Since then, she has also added freestyle wrestling, stretching, dancing, and Thai boxing to her list of activities in her quest to remain fit. Based on the feedback she receives from many of her fans, this blond beauty's regiment of healthy diet and exercise has made her a bona-fide Fitness Diva.

Fawnia's love for acting has allowed her to travel to some wonderful places. During her stay in the Czech Republic, she was able to land the lead roles in such films as 'Dakota Bound' and 'Cries of Innocence'. She has also appeared on episodes of a variety of TV shows including Millennium, X-Files and the Outer Limits. And as a former award-winning exotic dancer, Fawnia had the experience necessary to produce five How-To videos on "The Art of Exotic Dancing" and another video on flexibility.

However, it appears that at least for the time being, Fawnia's true love is in modeling. She has been featured in numerous magazines, calendars, catalogs, and she has even made her way to the runway on a few occasions. The lovely and vivacious Fawnia Mondey took some time out of her hectic schedule to answer a few questions from correspondent John Jinks.


JJ: Firstly, I would like to thank you for this opportunity. I must admit I was both surprised and honoured that you were able to respond to my request for an interview. Considering your busy schedule, how do you manage to find any time to enjoy yourself, let alone anything else?

FM: I am very fortunate to be self-employed, since this gives me time to answers important emails like yours! However being self-employed does require me to work rather long hours, but it's well worth it.

To fit everything in, I make priorites for each day. Number 1 is working out, 2nd is answering emails, and 3rd is booking jobs. I also try to relax and enjoy my time and keep the mindset, that this is my hobby. If I were too serious, then if I set out do achieve something and it didn't pan out, then I would feel like a Failure. Everyone has their time at success, and I think mine is now.

JJ: I would like to point out that you are currently being featured as one of the 'Girls of Canada' in Playboy's recent Lingerie special edition. How would you compare this experience with some of your previous modeling assignments?

FM: I submitted my shots three times to Playboy (over 6 years), before they accepted me, and needless to say, they were the hardest to please! Modeling for them was easy, fun, and very much like the other work I have done. Right now I am trying to get Maxim to notice me, and as you can imagine, it may take more then three attempts.

JJ: Considering the fact that you have been featured on a variety of TV Shows, movies, magazines, as well as having photos of yourself scattered all over the Internet; how do feel the exposure has affected your personal day-to-day life?

FM: It doesn't affect my day to day life much at all, since people rarely recognize me on the street. My friends, boyfriend and family are all very supportive and are proud that I am accomplishing everything I set out to do. There are days though when I'm invited to a party with friends and I have to turn it down since I'm often eating a clean diet or not drinking. Also, there are days with hours of emails to reply to and that can slow down my social life as well. To make up for it, I dedicate at least one day a month (unless I am preparing for a major shoot) to visit with friends.

JJ: I would imagine that the number of male admirers you have is considerably high. When someone compliments you, can you tell the difference between the genuinely sincere comments and the fluff?

FM: I think that if someone made the effort to compliment me, then they must be serious. If they were just "fluffing around", then I would be amused and actually enjoy it, then compliment them back.

JJ: Would you ever consider dating a fan?

FM: When I met my boyfriend, I think he viewed me as someone famous. Rumors were going around that that I was 'Miss Nude BC' and he thought that I was exciting. So in that sense yes.

JJ: Keeping your freestyle wrestling background in mind, if a date were ever rude to you, or did not treat you like a princess, should they expect to see your more aggressive side?

FM: I am pretty mellow and avoid arguments like the plague however two times a year I have a little spaz and pin my partner to the ground, hard! No, seriously, I'll spaz on the rare occasion, and pin when I'm happy, which is most of the time.

JJ: Staying on the same topic, if the opportunity presented itself and the price was right, would you consider a career wrestling in the WWE (formerly the WWF)?

FM: I considered a job in the WCW back in 99 and was a plane ticket away from auditioning. Today my goals have changed and I would say no.

JJ: As an established fitness model, what advice would you give to someone looking at breaking into the business?

FM: I was say 'do it because you love working out and inspiring others', not for the money and fame. There is little money as a fitness model, unless you land a huge sponsor, or are a top fitness competitor like Suzie Curry.

Also, treat it like a hobby and enter all the contests (on and off stage) as you can.

JJ: As a writer, what tips would you give to someone who wants to get their work noticed? (Please Note: you can read articles and interviews written by Fawnia in Fawnia's Diary at Also please note; I have a personal interest in this question.)

FM: If you are a writer or model, and want to have your work published, contact the company you want to work for. Everything is looking for new content and will most likely be interested in what you have to offer. You have nothing to loose!

I write for about 4 online sites (below) and two magazines

"Canadian Health & Fitness", and "Drive Health & Fitness".

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JJ: Once again, I would like to thank Fawnia for this wonderful opportunity to learn a little bit more about her, and if you like to learn more about Fawnia, you should visit her website at

MF: Thank you John - I had a great time chatting with you and!

Please note: don't forget to visit the Fawnia Photo Gallery

Published on: 2004-08-05 (31439 reads)

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