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The Klondike and the Frozen North

Quintuplet Mania

The Wild, Wild (North)West

War Time Ally

  • Forty-Ninth Parallel (1941, United Kingdom) - a Nazi U-boat crew shipwrecked in Canada try to flee to the neutral United States - an Academy Award winning classic
  • Captains of the Clouds (1942) - bush-pilot Jimmy Cagney joins the War effort
  • Northern Pursuit (1943) - Mountie Errol Flynn battles Nazi spies
  • The Yellow Canary (1943) - spies in Halifax
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Scarlet Claw (1944) - Sherlock visits Canada in wartime
  • Paratrooper (1953) - Alan Ladd pretends to be Canadian in order to join the RAF and forget the flying accident that killed his friend (Top Gun borrowed heavily from this movie)
  • Fiend Without a Face (1957) - invisible monsters created near an American airbase in Manitoba (the mountain ranges look a lot like California though) provokes resentment amongst the locals
  • The Devil's Brigade (1968) - a crack Canadian outfit and American misfits learn to fight together
  • Map of the Human Heart (1992) - Inuit boy meets English map-maker, falls for Metis girl, and fights in WWII

Religious Quebec

  • I Confess (1953) - a murderer confesses to a priest (Montgomery Clift) who is himself suspected by the police, directed by Alfred Hitchcock
  • Agnes of God (1985) - a young nun gives birth leading to a conflict between a psychiatrist and the Mother Superior

Modern Times

Filmed in Canada

  • Hearts Aflame (1923) starring Anna Q. Nillson, based on novel "Timber" by Harold Titus about forest fires and their consequences
  • The Alaskan (1924) starring Anna May Wong
  • Mystery, Alaska (1999)
  • Speaking of Sex (2001)
  • "Legends of the Fall"
  • "The Silent Partner" starring Mary Astor
  • "Where the North Wind Blows"
  • "River of No Return" starring Marilyn Monroe

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