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[Military] Canadian Forces College Graduate Ceremony Truly Global
Contributed by sehgalviveka on Wednesday, July 07 at 00:44 (15,338 reads)
Canadian Forces college graduate ceremony truly global

 Canadian Forces College is doing an excellent job n training military officers around the world and June 26th was the graduation ceremony with a truly Global feel.

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Ontario Tory leader introduces Newcomers Employment Opportunities Act

 PC party of Ontario leader Hudak, who also serves as Ontario PC Citizenship and Immigration critic, was joined by representatives of SAHRA, Canadian–AlbanianCommunity Association, Padda Immigration Law and the San Lorenzo Latin American Community Centre for the introduction of the Bill. that helps newcomers better benefit in Ontario.

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Toronto Concert sets World Record at 30 Hours as the longest show on Earth

 Rogers Center was  home to the longest running Indoor festivities in the world for 30 hours starting October 9th at 6:30 PM to the Grand finale on Oct.11th at 12:30 AM.

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I don't want to be tolerated anymore,I want to be included,I want to be accepted

When Pierre Trudeau brought in the multicultural policy of TOLERANCE it was applauded and may be thats what was needed at the time.The demographics in Canada are way different today.Telling a large and growing number of immigrants ,that we will tolerate them is not cutting it anymore.Sehgal Viveka interviews film maker Roger Nair who came as an immigrant in the late eighties about the policy.

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Canadian MP Tim Uppal took off to Pakistan to see the plight of refugees first hand after SAHRA's initiative to highlight the atrocities of Taliban on minorities

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Vancouver, B.C. – The first stop for the National Unemployment Clock is the TELUS Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Ottawa on Thursday, May 7, 2009, announced John Carpenter, Vice President of the Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU) today. The campaign, which is sponsored by the TWU, was developed to raise awareness across Canada about the dangers of allowing large international corporations—such as TELUS—to continue to offshore Canadian jobs. This practice is a strong contributor to the unemployment crisis this country is facing. 

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[Environment] River Rights Rip-Off
Contributed by Keemo on Sunday, March 22 at 16:50 (5,146 reads)

The Harper Goverenment has gutted the Navigable Waters Protection Act by hiding a change to it in the Budget to avoid debate in theHouse of Commons

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[Activism] Freedom?
Contributed by QBC on Thursday, March 12 at 13:10 (6,724 reads)




What is freedom? What do all of our beliefs really mean? What does democracy, justice, equality, privacy, security and liberty truly stand for? Are they indeed still beliefs or just sound bites and catch phrases?

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[Immigration] The Test Of Citizenship
Contributed by jenmicah on Wednesday, June 25 at 09:11 (10,126 reads)

"Nice try, but Saskatoon is not a capital city in Canada!!!" it said in wobbly, permanant marker.

There is nothing like being reprimanded by a 9 year-old with autism.  As I set about the task of studying for my upcoming Canadian citizenship test, I also had to undertake the task of keeping up with Ryan (whose name I have changed for privacy).

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[Sports] Honour And Damp-Eyed Idealism
Contributed by Akaash on Thursday, February 14 at 14:00 (8,585 reads)
Honour and Damp-Eyed Idealism
Selection of Canada's national equestrian skill-at-arms team.
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Dazed, Disoriented, and Dyspeptic - 2008 International Tent Pegging Championship
By the end of my trek to the 2008 International Tent Pegging Championships, my head was fit to explode.
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[Canadian Politics] NATO Hanging In The Balance
Contributed by Akaash on Saturday, January 26 at 04:16 (6,620 reads)
NATO Hanging in the Balance

The vast majority of NATO states are all too happy to cower under an umbrella of security held over their heads by the sacrifice of others.

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[Environment] Earthquake Chalk River Nuclear Reactor
Contributed by philowl on Thursday, January 17 at 14:54 (6,185 reads)

The Chalk River nuclear reactor, started up against the advice of the Nuclear Safety Commission, sits on an active earthquake fault line. The Conservative government has foolishly brushed aside the two nearby earthquakes that occurred since they restarted it.

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New World Disorder: Patterns Of Psychopathy And Other Fractal Anomalies

If we are to survive the current changes being wrought upon our world, we must first identify and understand those systems of control set to manipulate us, only then can we realize our own potential in charting a course that is truly and freely our own.

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[Canadian Politics] Akaash Maharaj: Harper Is But Mad North North-West
Contributed by Akaash on Wednesday, December 19 at 02:00 (6,568 reads)
Akaash Maharaj: Harper is But Mad North North-West

Stephen Harper's penchant for manufactured outrage is more comprehensible in light of the ooze of AECL revelations.

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