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Forum Addict
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:38 am

Some cosmetic fixes, as well as some other minor suggestions for changes.

* give contributions tab a use or remove it.
* colouring is a bit odd for stuff which was submitted right after another.
* get rid of that little red bit between "create blog" and "upload photos" when viewing own profile
* fix gold member tag, says I am a gold member by my name when I am not for example.
* might want to make gold member tag easier to see

* update the "How to get points" section as it is out of date.
* out of date use of points information for the shop?

Forum Stats:
* fix Forum Activity section.

Links section:
* red bar crosses description.
* space between hit number and "rate this site" should be added.
* explain A/D by those links or in alt text, something.

* Submit Joke, Random Joke, Top Rated made more obvious links.
* space between them and search bar
* Canadian Joke list dots go outside box
* publish some of those 78 jokes in the queue!

Famous Canadians:
* odd spacing for link cateogories
* might want to capitalize the beginning of the bit after the quote below the picture
* random spacing under "Newest Famous Canadian Additions" might want to be checked.

* Galery home should be Gallery Home.

* kind of odd how new submissions of old types of submissions do not show up in any way, maybe once a type of submission gets to the bottom it begins again at the top, or some such? More is happening than is indicated there.
* I've commented before, and sent links before, and this has not been updated. Perhaps fleshing out what counts should be added?

Canada Kicks Ass Spy:
* would it be possible that some table columns are less stretched? Lots of white.

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