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PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2024 10:41 pm

only 15 left are not cbc

The Hub, a source of insightful journalism, has recently shed light on a concerning trend: the decline of Canadian foreign correspondents. These intrepid journalists, once stationed around the globe, played a crucial role in keeping Canadians informed about world events. However, their numbers have dwindled significantly.

According to data collected by The Hub, there may now be less than 60 full-time Canadian foreign correspondents remaining abroad from major media outlets. Of these, 45 work for CBC/Radio Canada, while only 15 are employed elsewhere. Shockingly, there appear to be no permanent Canadian correspondents based in critical regions such as the Middle East, Russia, or mainland China.

The disappearance of foreign bureaus stems from a combination of factors. Budget constraints within news organizations have led to cost-cutting measures, resulting in layoffs and reduced coverage. Additionally, authoritarian regimes have pushed back against foreign journalists, making it increasingly challenging to operate in certain countries.

However, experts also suggest that this decline could reflect Canada’s shrinking global influence. As our country’s footprint on the world stage changes, so does the demand for foreign reporting. The loss of these bureaus is disheartening, leaving us less informed and missing out on nuanced stories that matter to Canadians.

Veteran journalists like Jeff Semple and Andrew Cohen express their disappointment. Semple, who has reported from over 40 countries, emphasizes the growing need to understand global affairs. Meanwhile, Cohen, who taught international affairs reporting, laments that the once-promising path of becoming a foreign correspondent for Canada has all but vanished.

In a world where information matters more than ever, the absence of these dedicated correspondents leaves a void. Let us hope that the importance of foreign reporting is recognized and revitalized, ensuring that Canadians remain connected to the wider world.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2024 6:13 am

I worry for correspondents like Salima Shivvji in India, or when Margret Evans was in the Middle East in October, or Briar Stewart trekking through Russia in the lead up to the invasion of Ukraine. snf anyone stationed in China during the two Michaels incident.

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