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Author:  jeff744 [ Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Hegemony

This game has me hooked, I have been playing it for several days steadily and have had almost nothing but fun (some frustration early on when the AI outsmarted me or previous tactics fell flat). It is the first one I have seen that includes both strategy and tactics into a single continuous map where you can fight simultaneous battles across the map. I have more than once amassed a massive army only to run out of food or run into an enemy that was able to break mine with seeming ease (I have been the victim of the Thermopylae pass twice, losing massive armies. The map is insanely large but seamlessly zooms out to see the entire thing or zooms in to look at a small section of the army.

I will admit that there are some issues with the game but the devs are aware of most of them and have already fixed a large number but likely won't be doing much more to Hegemony as they are making a Hegemony 2 now (small dev team of ~5 guys).

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