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PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 3:15 pm

rickc rickc:
What if most Americans went along with slavery in the 1800's to keep the peace? What if everyone just went along to get along back then? Where would we be now?

They tried 'going along' and it was called The Missouri Compromise. ... aska%20Act.

Ultimately the compromise failed and the question was resolved with blood.

Tricks Tricks:
What if the south went along with not owning people as property? You wouldn't have had a war that killed well over half a million people.

It swings both ways.

There would have still been a war because the ultimate problem was still Northern mercantilism policies that made the South into defacto colonies of the North. Oddly, slavery was opposed in the North yet their insistence on low agricultural prices almost mandated slavery.

Seriously, it's no different than Wal Mart demanding impossibly low prices from their wholesalers and the result has been slave labor in China and elsewhere to keep Wal Mart's profits flowing.

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