Canada's largest city situated 566 feet above sea level on the northern shore of Lake Ontario (part of the Great Lakes system), Toronto is one of the southernmost cities in Canada. In fact, it has nearly the same latitude as northern California.

  • Home to more than 100 cultures, Toronto truly is the world within a city
  • With a population of 4.2 million, Toronto is Canada's largest city
  • Toronto is the 5th-largest city in North America, after Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago
  • One-quarter of Canada's population is located within 160 km (100 mi.) of the city
  • More than 60% of the population of the United States is within a 90-minute flight
  • As the capital of Ontario, Toronto is the seat of government for Canada’s most populous province and is the industrial and business centre for the country 

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