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James Shaver

Birthdate:   29/July/1874
Website: http://www.civilization.ca/cmc/exhibitio
Category: Political

J. S. Woodsworth Born in Ontario but raised in Manitoba, James Shaver Woodsworth (1874�1942), was a Methodist clergyman, social worker, politician, and the first leader of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. Woodsworth started out as a Methodist clergyman in 1896, but had become a social worker in Winnipeg�s North End by 1904. His experience of urban slums convinced him that socialism was the solution to poverty. Despite being fired from his position as a government social researcher in 1917 for being a pacifist and arrested for libel during the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, Woodsworth�s ideals made him a popular Winnipeg politician. His popularity led to his election as the Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North Centre in 1921, a riding that he held until his death. As a Member of Parliament, Woodsworth consistently campaigned for labour rights, improved social welfare measures and democratic socialism. Although he failed to make socialism a reality in Canada, he succeeded, in 1926�1927, in persuading Prime Minister Mackenzie King to introduce an old-age pension plan � Canada�s first social welfare legislation � in exchange for providing the votes Mackenzie King needed to stay in power. http://www.civilization.ca/cmc/exhibitions/hist/medicare/medic-1k10e.shtml Share on Facebook

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