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One Day two Winnipeggers were ice fishing on the Red River (a big river that passes through Winnipeg) when all of a sudden the ice breaks, and the two Winnipeggers drown and go to hell. In hell the devil saw the Winnipeggers and saw that they were so happy because it was warm in hell. Since you can�t have fun in hell the Devil turns up the heat, but the hot it gets the happier the Winnipeggers are. Ticked off the Devil turns down the heat so much that hell froze over. The devil thought that the Winnipeggers were sure to be miserable now, but when he looked they were happier than ever. Fed up with this the devil goes to the two Winnipeggers and asked why they were so happy. They told him that since Hell froze over the Bombers are going to win the Grey Cup and the Jets are come back.

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Joke Submitted on: October 04, 2004
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