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Category: Canadian Jokes/Canadian Identity Jokes

From: IkeaMan
Author: Unknown
Added: October 09, 2005
Modified: October 09, 2005
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Newfie Joke:

Two newfies, George and Frank, are getting tired of Newfoundland
and start to think about moving out West for a better life.
George is all for it but Frank is a little skeptical.
George says,"Frank bye, the work is plentiful, lotsa tings ta do and
it'll be a good change fer us, "Frank replies,"I know Garge but what about the Atlantic?" Won't you miss the fishin, and smell of the salt water in the mornin'? "George agrees, but offers an Idea,"Well Frank, why don't you take your fishin'dory witch a and when ever ya starts to miss da rock ya can hop in your dory and fantasize about St.Johns"

Well that's all it took to convince Frank, and they strap the dory to the roof of the truck and off they go. Well it's been 4 days driving and Frank is really missing Newfoundland, so George stops the truck in the middle of the prairies and says, "Look out at dose flat wheat fields Frank, doesn't dat remind you of the ocean, the way the wind is blowin' through the grain?"
Frank replies, "Lard tunderin Jasus Garge yer right!" They unhook the
dory and haul it out to the middle of the field, sit back, relax and
start rowing. Well it just happens that, at the same time
another Newfie is on his way back from Alberta and spots the plates
on their truck and then notices the two of them out on the field
rowing away.
Well the new arrival gets so angry he stops his truck, hops out and
begins to scream at them.
"No wonder the whole country tinks we're stupid, look at you two
fools out there rowin 'Jasus, if I could swim I'd come out there and kick yer arses!!!!!"

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oh my ahahahah lol that is soooo funny *laughing so hard it hurts*
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