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- USS Virginia -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Canada vs USA Jokes

From: Joey
Author: Unknown
Added: February 10, 2005
Modified: February 10, 2005
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USS Virginia:

Us captain vs mouthy canadian

The pride of the american fleet the USS Virginia is
sailing up around the arctic ocean, around the
baffin island sorta region, when all of sudden
they have contact on there radar.
" sir theres a vessel directly infront of us,
looks like we're gonna hit"
captain looks up from his paper and reaches out for the radio.
"This is the captain of the USS Virginia.
Our radar indicates that we're on a collision course
and youd be wise to get out of the way"
In response a voice pipes in
" yeah... you know what, piss off"
The captains jaw drops " This is the
captain of the biggest and most powerful
ship in the american navy and unless you
want to be sunk Id suggest that you turn tail
and run." the captian smiles and puts down the radio.
"I dont think thats gonna happen big guy, so id say ur shit outta luck"
"this ship has fought countless battles in countless wars"
the captain snaps into the radio "we will run u down"
he sighs and says one last retort
"Ill say this again, this is the captain of the USS Virginia and youd best get the hell outta the way!"
theres silence for a minute. "well, this is the canadian light make the call."

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Posted By:
Posted By:
Well, I got my hopes up for no reason, since not only has this joke been posted before, but this is an even worse attempt at it. All you've done to change it is to dumb down the spellings with your relentles abbreviations and introduced profanity into the already shite-ridden "joke" 0 out of 5 (all the other jokes got a 1, by the way) -Rob
Posted By:
poor rob, nobody wants to play with him; why do the other children tease him so?
Posted By:
don't worry rob, someday that acne will clear up; and if not there's always personal ads. ever heard of a service called lowered expectations? lmao
Posted By:
Posted By:
the usofa1776: you think everything is lame, cause your a damn yankee. why don't you go outside and roast yourself in your 55 C temps down there? lol
Posted By:
lets forgive TheUSofA1776 for claiming everithing as lame here, the point is this is the only word he can spell... but this time i agree with rob - old joke bad retelling
Posted By:
ya usa i posted it b4 and ill post it again what the hell are you doing here?

Posted By:
Posted By:
The USS Virginia is a submarine, it is still being built.
Posted By:
Yes, I am Canadian, but I don't know how much you should insult TheUSofA1776 . After all, what would you do if you saw a bunch of Canadian bashing jokes on an American website? It's only natural to try and stick up for your country, people.
Posted By:
gotta love it
Posted By:
Since the original joke was a true story with it writen as it was broadcasted over the radio I would have to ask that this poor attempt be removed and the old one put back on.

This is stupid and not even funny.
Posted By:
keep asking, it won't happen...
Posted By:
i fond original joke
Posted By:
this posting detracts from the good version already posted
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