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- The Man Who Wanted To Become A Newfie. -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Regional Jokes

From: Sam Boisvert
Author: Unknown
Added: October 10, 2004
Modified: October 10, 2004
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The Man Who Wanted To Become A Newfie.:

I heard this joke somewhere, not meant to offend, just a joke ;)

Okay, there was this guy and he went to his doctor and asked the doctor: "Is there any sort of procedure you can do to me to make me a Newfie?" And the doctor said: "Yes there is, I can remove a quarter of your brain and you will become a Newfie".

The guy agrees to go ahead with this procedure, he is put to sleep and eventually awakes.

The doctor comes up to him and tells him: "I am very sorry, I accidentally removed half of your brain. Do you feel alright?" The guy responds: "Comme ci comme �a"....

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that joke about newfies is getting kinda old.
Posted By:
typical canadiana
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