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The Killer Canadian Cows

2004-07-15 11:37:15
Once apon a time... There where a bunch of "Mad Cows" who went around killing Moose because Moose are fatter then cows... and one day... This cow seen this Moose, but the cow didn't have a gun... so the cow did the next best thing....
2004-08-02 14:23:37
She ate some grass and the more grass she ate the higher she got. Finally when she was high enough she jumped on the moose, "give up, you are udder my spell" she said. The moose reared back and impaled her with an antler. Then he flung her on the ground and proceeded to impale some more.

Just then a calf came galloping up mooing frantically, the moose deduced that the cow was the calf's mother. He tried to comfort the little fellow with a feww kind words,"There there little fellow, theres no sense crying over spilt mik", he said.
2004-08-07 08:04:53
This is an utter disaster the calf screamed.
As he slipped in the milk and took the hoofs out from under the moose.
The moose fell with a mighty crash.
2004-08-17 17:13:38
"Ow..." The moose said, trying to get up again. "Time for Moose Yoga..."
2004-11-11 18:15:41
So the moose did yoga to ease the pain. The calf was still screaming in terror, realizing that the moose that killed her mother was harmonizing himself with the lotus position.

However, this was one smart, mad cow. She was very aware of the help she could obtain from an unlikely source. She knew about this source because of an experiment performed in Ottawa years back when a woman tried to crossbreed two animals together. This cow knew exactly who to call. She called... the Avian Flu Chicken.
2005-03-11 09:23:03
The chicken arrived shortly after seeing the "Got Milk" distress signal in the sky. He erupted in a flurry of feathers and garlic powder from his hover car and said "Sorry I'm late, but crossing the road was a real bitch today." He fluffed himself up to full size and proudly proclaimed he knew eggzactly what to do.
2005-04-15 08:19:00
I work on a real Farm in the summer..Lake Ontario??
2005-05-19 22:31:20
said the chicken. The mad cow ate him in one gulp by mistake. To make matters worse, he quickly ate a low-flying crow and the two birds were struggling in his stomach. Thinking of an old saying, the cow suddenly dove into a rock field and swalled a large stone. Both birds died immediately as the hard ojbect crushed them in the cow's stomach.
"Nothing like killing two birds with one stone," said the cow. The moose began to bark, declaring that the crow was his long lost offspring.
The moose began to talk. "I will........"
2005-05-21 22:36:06
never forgive myself for the day I gave birth to you and then let you walk off on your own". The cow was so shocked he couldn't even moo a word. He just stood there staring at the moose, his mother.
2005-07-21 17:47:09
Finally, he perked up and said, "I'm not your calf..." He pointed to the field at a weird cow walking on his hind legs and talking to the grass. "That's your calf."
2005-08-11 02:46:18
After looking at the weird cow in the field and feeling confused the mother cow looks back at the calf and says "well if your not my calf, then why do you have 5 teats like your sister and I.......................?
You were born a girl and youll die a girl"
"FACE IT!!! we're a weird family and families stick together"
2006-08-09 13:39:09
hey mom those aren't teats...PUT YOUR GLASSES ON......yah were a wierd family....and now wierdness has reached it's ZENITH !!!!!!!!


2007-02-24 20:40:01
But then suddenly a wolf came out of the forest and nuked everyone, including the planet Mars just because its so lame.
2007-04-06 21:12:41
But then wolf realized her mistake. She then took out her magic wand and waved it madly above her head. Just then, out of no where, everything destroyed by her nuke came back, but it was all green.
2008-06-13 22:22:40
green with radiation. And every one died a horrible, horrible death with mutants all over the place.

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