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Big church!

2006-01-03 20:40:56
On the early morning of June 28th, I come walking up the Hill.....going to work. I can see the Sun rising from behind the Château Laurier. "What a nice day this will be...", I tell myself.

As I approach Centre Block, I see the crews getting the stage ready for Canada Day...lots of people. Most are holding a large double-double from Tim's on Sparks Street. "Wang ting, wong tong ting kang.....", I hear, as I turn around. I see this Asina family approaching me.

"Can I be of any help?", I say with a welcoming smile.

"Watt eez big tchurtch?", the father asks.

"The big what?"

"Big church", he says as he gestures with his hands the shape of Centre Block.....

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