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Link Related to Canada in some say After losing infant son and leg in horrific crash, air force captain loses legal battle for compensation
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Date  2019-04-25 12:17:42


  • llama66: It's good to see the feds supporting those in uniform.
  • llama66: Also there is a tweet from CKA alumnus Dan Harris (Back_blastnet) in this article.
  • BartSimpson: She has my sincerest sympathies.
  • Thanos: They need the funds far more for some border-jumper than they ever will for anyone who put on the uniform of this country. Good to see that by jumping through every hoop imaginable in order to deny active service members and veterans any assistance possible our honourable DND & wonderful government are truly living up to their reputations of responsible budget managers.

    This fucking country sometimes.... :roll:
  • housewife: Our country is fed and has been for a while

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