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Dry ice thrown in swimming pool kills three and puts seven in hospital
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Date  2020-02-29 08:38:38


  • CharlesAnthony: CO2 = bad
  • Sunnyways: I’ve never heard of such an incident before. Crazy stuff.
  • BeaverFever: Who would have thought a bunch of “social media influencers” could be so shallow and stupid? Reminds me of the scene from zoolander where the male models blow themselves up at the gas station.
  • herbie: More Darwin Award finalists!
  • CharlesAnthony: ^^ It sure seems risky having uneducamated friends.
    I am guessing bathing in eau de javel does have its risks but cartoon-mono/die-oxyde sounds better in our current state of fake science popular culture. Too bad the article-writer was too dull to tell us was in the water.

    "I can't tell you anything else.
    "I have signed a ban to disclose any information.
    "I can't say anything.
    Oh, I get it!
    There is more to the story!

    I can not wait to see the autopsy reports!

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