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Country singer Kenny Rogers dead at 81
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Poster  Freakinoldguy
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Date  2020-03-21 11:50:12


  • Freakinoldguy: RIP Mr. Rogers you had one hell of a run and gave us alot of great songs.
  • Strutz: RIP Kenny. :(

    He was one of my favorite country artists. I think I'll need a dose of his songs tonight.
  • Thanos: RIP, Gambler. Kenny was more pop-country than pure-country, sort of his generation's Garth Brooks as he had the same massive cross-over success in the pop-radio of the late 1970's and early 80's. Definitely one of the guys who laid the path for the success of further musicians later on. He was one in a million, that's for sure, and one of the last true greats who put out those terrific songs with a story to them. And a good story makes something that much better. Thanks, Kenny. Send Lucille packin' if you meet her on the other side.

  • Freakinoldguy: Oddly enough people seem to think he was just a 70's or 80's icon but if truth be told he was part of the 60's generation and he had at least one psychedelic hit peaking at #5 before he became country/ pop mainstream. I wonder how many people watched the Big Lebowski without knowing who the lead singer of this song was.

  • raydan: With all the shit going on right now, you could say that he...
    Knew when to fold 'em
    Knew when to walk away

    Rip Kenny :(

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