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Georgia grand jury to consider charges as video of fatal shooting of black man released
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Poster  DrCaleb
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Date  2020-05-07 06:50:03


  • DrCaleb: Arrests made in shooting death of black man in Georgia after outcry
  • BartSimpson: Up until the video got out the fucking Blue Klux Klan was going to let these killers loose because one of them used to be a cop.

    Thank God for video that isn't controlled by the fucking government!!!
  • xerxes: Exactly. The best way I saw it stated was as follows: We didnít get justice because they saw the video. It was because WE saw the video.
  • rickc:
  • llama66: Camera's are the silent witness. The (should) keep people honest. Happy these pieces of human garbage could see justice.

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