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Link Related to Canada in some say Maple Leafs icon Eddie Shack dies at age 83
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  • Freakinoldguy: Sorry guys I can't fix the http:// till the story moves down to the new submissions page. So bear with me and here's the link that will work. ... es-age-83/

    Sad to see a legend go. He may not have been the most talented player in the league but he sure as hell was one of the most colourful.

    I used to love watching Hockey Night in Canada and seeing him and John Ferguson going at it. But, the funniest I've ever saw Eddie do was in a game in Montreal back in the mid sixties. He came over the boards and by the time he got down to the leafs end of the ice the play had moved back to the Canadians end. So instead of making his way down there slowly so he could get his bearings, he went full bore and stopped right in front of Gump Worsley covering him in ice. Gump was suitably not impressed. :lol:

    It would have been great but once again by the time Eddie got down to in front of Gump the play had shifted back to the Leafs end of the ice. I can still see Punch Imlach's face turning red as he screamed at Shack.

    RIP Eddie and thanks for the memories.
  • Thanos: RIP Eddie.

    Definitely a character. I remember a couple of kids back in elementary having Eddie Shack lunch boxes. Shows how popular he was because it was typically only the mega-stars like Bobby Orr or Guy Lafleur who were put on merchandising like that back then.
  • llama66: I met him a bunch of times when I lived in Caledon. Great person. Truly a character. He will be missed. RIP Eddie.

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