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Link Related to Canada in some say 'My honour has been shredded': 94-year-old Vancouver vet fights legion expulsion
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Date  2020-09-15 07:37:51


  • Freakinoldguy: It's interesting to note that this branch is a "Dry Branch" a fact which renders it more of a fund raising organization rather than a "traditional" Legion which means there might be very large sums of monies involved in this accusation.

    Now with that being said I've seen the Legions disciplinary system at work and it more resembles a Star Chamber than an open, fair and unbiased court of law. The executive makes the decision devoid of outside influences and based solely on the evidence they have in their possession.

    Also innocence or guilt aside this seemingly secretive disciplinary action will ensure that even less veterans join the legion, if that was possible. The Legion is whining that it's going to go under because of Covid 19 well allow me to point out that secretive and unethical actions like were taken against this veteran are much more likely to be the reason it goes under than any virus.

    One very important part of the article is the legacy fund part. This Branch hid money given to it by a benefactor which IIRC has to be reported to all levels of Command. Then BC/Yukon and Dominion Command will either allow the monies to be kept or take the monies away. This Branch hid their financial windfall under Mr. Jackson's watch which means he might be getting punted not because of theft but, because he broke Legion bylaws and his Branches secretive actions might explain the lack of support or openess from BC Yukon Command. But either way he should have had his day in court to at the very least explain his actions.
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