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15 unaccounted for, buildings hang over edge of crater after Norway landslide | CBC News
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Date  2020-12-30 10:41:16


  • DrCaleb: Drones, dogs deployed as Norwegian rescuers hunt for 10 people missing after landslide

    Norwegian rescuers deployed drones and dogs to negotiate unstable clay soil in a search for 10 people still missing on Thursday after a landslide in southern Norway swept away more than a dozen buildings the previous day.

    Another 10 people were injured, one critically, after the landslide in the village of Ask in the Gjerdrum municipality, northeast of the capital, Oslo.

    Conditions remained challenging, with the clay ground still too unstable for emergency workers to walk on and temperatures registering -1 C in the early morning hours.

    The edges of the crater continued to break away, authorities said, asking people not to approach the area. Some 1,000 people have so far been evacuated.

    "We are still searching for survivors," the head of the police operation at the site, Roger Pettersen, told reporters, adding that both children and adults were missing. ... -1.5858287
  • Strutz: The BBC website article includes a couple of drone videos. So much damage and more to come if the land gives way more.

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