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NRA files for bankruptcy
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Category  Uncle Sam
Poster  raydan
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Date  2021-01-15 17:29:29


  • raydan: Notice that it's New York's fault.
  • DrCaleb: I wouldn't say it was their 'fault'. The NRA hardly acts like a non-profit organization.
  • raydan: I read the Bloomberg article where the NRA blames NY, at least in part, for their problems.

    It shouldn't be a non-profit but we all know that it would be political suicide for the government if they removed that designation.
  • DrCaleb: If the law isn't enforced, there is no law.

    Bravo on New York for calling them out for not acting like a non-profit group. And spending millions more than their budget! Oliver North spends like Zsa Zsa Gabor with a new husband!
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