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Russian doctor who treated Navalny after poisoning has died 'suddenly'
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Poster  DrCaleb
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Date  2021-02-05 06:09:28


  • DrCaleb: Can't have any witnesses that can be called to appeal the will of Putin.
  • CDN_PATRIOT: Can't everyone just get together and bomb Russia into the ground? I mean, they don't serve a purpose, are horribly evil, and need to be taught a lesson. Plus, the world would be a much happier place (or at least, Europe).

  • llama66: Keta-Gastro-Botulism Poisoning is a serious condition in Russia.
  • Strutz: Sad but not shocking. Opposition to a dictatorship is dealt with harshly.
  • DrCaleb: But the Germans doctors who treated him are mostly safe.

    At least now, they will be looking behind them. Not like Putin won't order the use of chemical weapons in civilian areas though.

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