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Link Related to Canada in some say Alberta budget to focus on health care and jobs, while public sector braces for cuts
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Category  Provincial Politics
Poster  DrCaleb
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Date  2021-02-25 06:38:11


  • DrCaleb: So, despite low polling numbers, Kenney will go on doing the exact thing that earned him those numbers.
  • uwish: typical politician, I hope he cuts so deep my non existent kids can feel it..
  • DrCaleb: Yea! I want Alberta to look like Somalia too!
  • uwish: exaggerate much?
  • DrCaleb: But your non existent kids don't exaggerate at all?

    Infrastructure is what governments are hired to do. When you don't have the basics of how to run society, you end up with Somalia.

    You can see the effect of Kenneys cuts on Alberta Health Services by the outage that happened yesterday when people tried to sign up for vaccine shots. AHS has been so starved of funds, they can't afford to keep services running in a pandemic. ... -1.5927602

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