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Chinese government responsible for genocide in Xinjiang, says independent report
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Date  2021-03-09 08:13:50


  • bootlegga: It's well past time for the West to stand up to China.
  • Scape: And the British monarchy and Dr Seuss. Guess which one will grab more headlines with less pushback?
  • DrCaleb: I know! Transgenderists!
  • Sunnyways: The Uighurs were breakfast. Prepare to be lunch.
  • Sunnyways: "bootlegga" said
    It's well past time for the West to stand up to China.

    I agree, so lets start discussing how. We are deeply enmeshed with China at this stage as any visit to Walmart demonstrates, and a complete severance is not practical at the moment. Iíd like to start China-proofing the country as much as possible:

    1. No more sales of strategically important companies to Chinese companies.

    2. PRC and dual Canadian/PRC citizens are a potential security risk - among them will be a very small percentage of spies. China keeps an intrusively close eye on Canadian citizens in its country. Unfortunately, we need to step up our game too and carefully monitor their political influence in our country as well as watching out for industrial espionage which Beijing is notorious for.

    3. Increase spending in multiple areas, eg military, high tech and vaccines. Cutbacks elsewhere will have to happen.

    To paraphrase Trotsky, we may not be interested in China but China is interested in us.

    One of many reasons Xi wants to invade Taiwan ASAP - itís a reminder to the world that Chinese people choose tolerance and freedom when given the opportunity, a constant rebuke to the totalitarians in Beijing. The PRC will take over the world if it can just to silence debate about the absurdity of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. We are now all unwitting players in a grotesque drama. Letís work together across the world to stop this menace in its tracks. Otherwise, humanity may be facing a Reich of way more than a thousand years.

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