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Link Related to Canada in some say Hundreds of bodies found near former residential school at Cowessess
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Date  2021-06-23 18:51:04


  • Scape:
  • Tricks: Dig up every school's grounds.
  • Thanos: "Tricks" said
    Dig up every school's grounds.

    And seize by court order the records of every single church organization that operated the schools. And when the Vatican tries to dodge their way out of their obligation kick their fucking nuncio ambassador out of the country altogether.

    If they ever get even a remotely active a final count of the number of children who died in those concentration camps I suspect that it will come in at about four to five times the number previously estimated. Which in the end will mean that close to one out of every ten child who was kidnapped by the Canadian state and sent to those places would have died during their incarceration in those hellholes.

    There's no apologizing our way out of this one. And there shouldn't be any easy cop-out ever again either. Anyone who still believes that Canada is possessed of any form of special goodness, or every even had the slightest claim to such a delusion, needs their fucking head examined after this. We are NO different than anyone anywhere else.

    "We're just another country"
    - Johnny Rotten

  • Scape: Dr. Bryce investigated these schools in 1907 only to be blacklisted by the Canadian government he recorded a mortality rate of up to 69% at some of these schools.
  • xerxes: Itís probably safe to assume at this point that every Residential School has a pit of horror like this.

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