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Link Related to Canada in some say Canadian special forces ready to evacuate embassy after Kandahar falls to the Taliban | CBC News
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Date  2021-08-12 18:40:54


  • Scape:
  • CDN_PATRIOT: Coalition forces should have never gone there in the first place. The Russians went there in the 80's and got whupped. We went in there in the early 2000's along with the Coalition, stayed a while, and got whupped.

    Afghanistan was worth it to begin with. Knock out one Taliban leader, and ten more take his place. Get whoever is left on our side out of there, and let's all wash our hands of that place and NEVER bother with it again!

  • Scape:
  • herbie: 20 years of training and they abandon the equipment an run. South Vietnamese at least had the brains to use the helicopters to get the hell out.
    Gathered in the park waiting for the Taliban to come. Looks like we got lied to again and the gov't did NOT have the support of anyone.
    How many of the refugees we welcome will be corrupt officials that pocketed the aid money?
    Fucking shitshow. Wasted some of our bravest.
  • CDN_PATRIOT: "herbie" said
    Wasted some of our bravest.

    ^ That.



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