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Date  2021-08-17 19:22:58


  • Scape: were WAY off.
  • Thanos: BREAKING - old-timey PROGRESSIVE Conservatives not terrifying to voters, but reactionary new-type conservatives still as palatable as deep fried dog-doo to majority of citizens
  • raydan: I'm surprised that the Liberals are that low in public favour in NS.
  • Scape: Apparently drinking and driving trumps boudoir pics.
  • Scape: How Nova Scotia’s premier-designate Tim Houston made sure no one could mistake him for Erin O’Toole
    Houston took great pains through the campaign to paint himself as a red Tory, and to distance himself from the federal Conservatives and their leader, repeatedly emphasizing the “progressive” in Progressive Conservative.

    “My focus is Nova Scotians, and I’ve always been focused on Nova Scotia,” Houston told the Star in an interview before election day. “And so I’m not beholden to any federal leader.

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