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Link Related to Canada in some say Wilson-Raybould wasn't consulted on freeing Catholic Church from residential school compensation deal: source
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  • Scape: Well she was only 6 day into the job, we wouldn't want to scare her.
  • rickc: The bigger story should be is exactly WHY is the Catholic church being let off the hook in this deal? In the history of the world,is there a religion MORE fucked up when it comes to rape, murder, pillage, child molestation, protecting child molesters, protecting child murderers, protecting war criminals (nazis), etc., etc.

    France recalled their ambassadors to Australia and the U.S. over a broken sub deal. Did they recall their ambassador to the Vatican when it was revealed that over 200,000 French children have been abused at the hands of the Catholic church? Did France expel the ambassador from the Vatican? The same questions can be asked of Canada when the truth about residential schools came to light. The same questions can be asked of the U.S. when multiple Catholic church sex abuse cases all over the county have came to light.

    Who else could get away with this bullshit? Wars have been started over less. Much less. These assholes just keep shuffling perverts, molesters, rapists, murderers, war criminals, etc., out of harms way. They move the perps to places where they can not be prosecuted for their crimes. They are free to start all over anew at their new location. They refuse to hand over incriminating evidence. They destroy evidence.

    Almost 3000 Americans died on 9/11. Afghanistan got lit up for the next 20 years over 3000 people. Hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of people have had their lives fucked up through rape and murder because of these conniving assholes at the Vatican. Their punishment should be no less.
  • Zipperfish: What he said. ^
  • Tricks: Yep.
  • JaredMilne: And didn't public opinion in Ireland-one of the most devoutly Catholic countries on the planet-go nova when the revelations came out about the Vatican sheltering child sex abusers and interfering with an investigation into their sexual assaults? Catholicism has plummeted as an element of Irish culture and the Irish government even closed its embassy to the Vatican for a while.

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